What is the social responsibility project?

Even as a young start-up company, SysBioSim is dedicated to give back to society. We believe that we have powerful solutions that can support academic research and drug development. Therefore, we want to create an impact in cancer research by committing our capabilities.

We are proud to announce that we will provide our services and the fullest extent of our internal capabilities to a project in breast cancer research that is submitted to us and selected by a respectable scientific committee. We trust our contribution will have a significant positive effect on the selected research project and will be a valuable addition to the big endeavors in cancer research.

We encourage all the academic researchers and industrial researchers in the field to benefit from this research support proposal.

Why breast cancer?

As a start-up company, we have limited resources and capabilities. However, we do not want this to stop us from doing good for the society. We believe that it is possible even for small companies to make a significant contribution. Our capabilities are our most valuable assets and offering these on a voluntary basis, as our resources allow us, can make an impact. As a company founded and managed by women, we believe that volunteering our services for breast cancer research is a meaningful and impactful way of making a social responsibility project. We hope that our focus in this field for our social responsibility projects will yield in a significant improvement in breast cancer research over the years.

Who can apply?

We are glad to receive wide range of project ideas as long as it is in the breast cancer research field. Whether it is an academic research that results in publications or a project that may end up as a commercial product, we are more than happy to consider it, as long as it has the potential to make an improvement in tackling breast cancer in the most general meaning.

What is the application procedure?

We are hoping to keep the procedure as simple as possible. The projects will be submitted to us during the application period. The committee will review the applications and decide which project is selected. We will announce the selected project at the set date.

What are the selection criteria and who are the judges?

Although we will make our utmost effort to put objective criteria, there will always be the component of what and how much we can do with our capabilities. Even though we are confident that a wide range of research projects can benefit from our services, there will always be ones that are a better match with what we can offer and therefore that can create bigger impact.

We, as the company managers, will be the permanent members in the judging committee, since we have the most accurate judgment of our internal capabilities and services. The rest of the committee will be selected from respectable academics and professionals from life sciences industry and will be announced before the application date.

What is the (expected) impact?

Cancer is one of the biggest concerns of our lives today. Therefore, there is significant amount of research being done in the field and significant resources are allocated to the research. Majority of the resources is allocated to the downstream research, which is by nature more expensive. It is possible, however, to avoid some of the unnecessary downstream research by using computational biology tools. These are very complex tools and unfortunately not all the researchers have access to these tools and capabilities. Providing our capabilities for the promising research will help the researchers to refine their projects and to allocate their budget more effectively in the more expensive downstream steps.

Cancer research is a collective endeavor and none of the projects stand-alone bring an enormous impact in the developments. Hopefully, our contribution will make an impact in the bigger picture by helping many research projects over the years by supporting them in better defining their research projects and using their resources for higher potential elements of their research.

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